There Is No ‘Eye’ In Minestrone.

June 27, 2008

Soup of Sum Yun Guy
“There’s a thumb in my gazpacho!” shrieked Edgar delightedly,

spattering the maître d’ with cold peas and chloroform.

“And so you win the doubloon and the Party Sombrero,”

cheered Father, magnanimously attempting

to conceal his disappointment.


You will nip over to The Cactus Patch and wish Parenthesis a Splendid Birthday today, won’t you? And while you’re there, apologise for being two days late – because, you know, time-keeping is not my strong suit. Olé! (Seriously, dear – I hope it was wonderful.)

But I’m not late for everything. No. Kyknoord will, in fact, be knocking back the cupcakes and birthday canapés with his nearest and dearest tomorrow – here’s to an action-packed, fun-filled, and smoking-hot year ahead for you too, dear.


9 Responses to “There Is No ‘Eye’ In Minestrone.”

  1. thegnukid Says:

    While they were distracted, Mother simplemindedly twiddled with the bay leaf, pondering whether to eat it or stuff it in her ear.

    As if it was really a choice.

    Like clockwork, they’ll be going to the ear doctor on Thursday.

  2. Dolce Says:

    Aside: What happens to all the fish thumbs?

  3. Oh my word. I think I’ve just fallen in love with this one. Do you think that’s a problem?

  4. kyknoord Says:

    It certainly makes a pleasant change from finger snacks.
    Oh, and thank you :mrgreen: It was great – only one night in jail this time around.

  5. gnukid: I’m going to stop paying you to come over here if you keep upstaging me, dear. :)

    Bside: They use them to make sauce for the riga-toe-knee.

    Mandy: Only if you were planning on inviting us over for a meal.

    Kyknoord: Amateur.

  6. thegnukid Says:

    by the way… speaking of–that last check from you bounced higher than the rubber chicken you’re so fond of snuggling with…

    “riga-toe-knee” – [chortle]

  7. Must you drag Mr Wuffles into this again?

  8. Parenthesis Says:

    I could seriously learn to hate you. Don’t know how come up with these, but LOVED this one :) There’s a fine line between love and hate. Or is that a column inch?

  9. Like the song says, dear: you’re nobody until somebody hates you. :)

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