Entrails And Tribulations. By Kyknoord.

April 18, 2008

Gah! Another series of tubes.

Edgar sighed and prodded listlessly

at the quivering mound of viscera on his plate.

“Eat up, Champ”, encouraged Nanny Swedbourg,

“The three-legged race is tomorrow:

No guts, no glory!”


Ghostwriter! Kyknoord, somewhat redoubtable WWW Superstar, volunteered, that’s right: volunteered to pen today’s post for me. He may even have begged, for Pete’s sake. Look, he brought his own illustration! Why? Not for fame or glory, surely? It must be for all the italics.

Still, I’m never one to knock a gift post in the teeth. (I also like chocolate. I’m just saying.) And, let’s be honest, I’m a wee bit lazy. So, a fine effort*, dear. Thank you.

{*I may have edited some punctuation for dramatic effect. I couldn’t help it. I’m sorry.}


13 Responses to “Entrails And Tribulations. By Kyknoord.”

  1. dolceii Says:

    Watching kids with three legs run is glorious in itself. And you should see them try to do the hurdle! Bless.

  2. Mrs. Benitez Says:

    You should see them try to Tango.

  3. kyknoord Says:

    ONOES! You changed the punctuation. That completely alters the meaning! Oh wait, no, it doesn’t.

  4. dolceii Says:

    You know that old saying: it takes three to tango.

  5. dolface: Or six, in this case.

    kyknoord: You’re just lucky I resisted the urge to make your Spaghetti Monster do the Macaroni… er, Macarena.

  6. […] 2008 at 8:06 am | In I KILL YOU NOW | Incidentally, my nova-like talent is featured this week on A Column Inch. So to all my detractors who have insinuated that I am a lazy git, I say poo to you with knobs […]

  7. Martin Says:

    I heard about a guy with three legs…

    Ron…something. Jeremy! That’s it, Ron Jeremy.

  8. Also known as “The Hedgehog”, for reasons I’d rather not go into.

    You must be thinking of John Holmes, dear.

  9. daisyfae Says:

    know guts, know glory.

    same difference, without all that “half-empty” stuff…

  10. Martin Says:

    Rumour has it that only die-hard fans refer to him as “The Hedgehog”.

    I had to look that up on Wikipedia, of course.

  11. daisyfae: Because it’s so important to cast viscera in a positive light, you know?

    Martin: Of course you did, dear.

    Ron Jeremy is living proof that you don’t have to be endowed with good looks to get head in life.

  12. Martin Says:

    He’s also living proof that an independent man can stand on more than just his own two legs.

  13. Truly the hardest working man in showbiz…

    I’ll stop now.

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