Put A Sock In It.

January 18, 2008

“I think they’re leaving”, Edna sotto voce’d

as the officer turned towards the patrol car.

“Thank heavens”, breathed Edgar, and accidentally

shot her in both ankles.


May the triforce be with you: The Other Side turns three today. Happy, happy, dear!


12 Responses to “Put A Sock In It.”

  1. kyknoord Says:

    I’ll bet Edna went ballistic after that.

  2. Martin Says:

    Edna’s fairly tough, maybe she managed to bite the bullet.

  3. Mrs. Benitez Says:

    Stop it, you two.

    Survivors say she dropped to her knees and everything went dark and… italicised after that.

    (C’mon, who’s been vroeteling with my CSS?)

  4. kyknoord Says:

    I can has open [em] tag?

  5. Mrs. Benitez Says:

    Well, yes – but I wasn’t even logged in when I commented, and everything was as it should be until that point…

  6. Mrs. Benitez Says:

    [pleased]Oh, and we’re back.[/pleased]

  7. lemon Says:

    Just love it!

  8. Mrs. Benitez Says:

    That’s very sweet of you, dear. But what did you think of the post? ;)

  9. infini Says:

    oooo f%$$# the post:) must say that I loved both sides of the mountain, Mrs B, was wandering around like a heathen in your sunny side of the world till yesterday

  10. Mrs. Benitez Says:

    infini! Why didn’t you say so, dear – you could have popped in for a bit of tea and casual violen… cake!

  11. infini Says:

    I know! I should have… I did meet martin though ;p but I’d been on the road and not really tracking blogs… drove from durban to george in the rains, fingers crossed, Mrs B, next time we’ll throw a little bloggy mur.. dinner ;p

  12. Mrs. Benitez Says:

    That must have been fairly hair-raising at times. (The soggy road-trip, I mean – not Martin. Then again…) :P I hope you got to see at least some of the route in a sunnier light – the stretch along the Garden Route and up the East coast to KZN is one of my favourites.

    Yes, a mur… dinner is a splendid idea – let us know when you’re next in the ‘hood, dear:


    I could whip up some pre-dinner GBH… TNT… G&Ts.

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