A Shot in the Dark.

November 16, 2007

“We’re out of spirits”, announced Nanny Swedbourg,

buckling on a helmet and a short velvet cloak.

”Try and miss the trees this time, dear”

Mother replied, readying to

light the fuse.”



Some of you may have heard of the ongoing Pay It Forward Exchange snaking across the hinterweb. Here’s how it works:

I, Benitez, swear on a freshly dug grave to send* a LOVELY handmade gift to the first 3 victi… volunteers to leave a comment requesting to participate in the PIF Exchange. That’s right: a gift made with love by yours truly. Free! As in Beer!

All the 3 recipients have to do is agree to Pay It Forward by making the same promise on their own blogs.

I’ll be making a trip to the postbox at least 3 times a day over the coming months – I’ve signed up to receive a little something from illustrator/comic artist Jesse ‘Crafty… like a Fox’ Breytenbach. I’m a long-time fan of her work and I know that anything dispatched from her studio will be nothing short of Fan.Tas.Tic**. Visit her online shop here.

So, c’mon – let’s see a show of hands.

* Sometime within the next 365 days – more than likely early in ’08. You have my word.

** But hey, no pressure or anything, Jesse. ;)


19 Responses to “A Shot in the Dark.”

  1. kyknoord Says:

    I would love to own a T. Benitez (Mrs) original. Sadly, however, the only handmade thing I’m capable of producing is a scrunched-up tissue, so I’m afraid I’ll have to pass on this one (unless mucous-mâché) is your thing.

  2. infini Says:

    It’s all a ploy to get our mailing addresses, all the more to spam us with, my dear ;p

  3. Mrs. Benitez Says:

    kyknoord: fine, Mr I-print-my-own-tshirts Noord – but don’t come snivelling to me because you didn’t get a shrunken head in the mail like the other cool kids.


    infini: so true – just 3 more addresses and I can inflict Evil Master Plan v.2.4 on an unsuspecting worl… wait, did I type that out loud? Again?

  4. crayola dude Says:


    That’s the deal, right?


  5. Mrs. Benitez Says:

    crayola dude: sure it is. Don’t forget to mail me the keys to your Ford Fiesta first.

    And a bag of pretzels.

  6. kyknoord Says:

    Hey, if you wanted a t-shirt you should’ve said. Regarding the episode above: I take it the exorcism went well?

  7. Mrs. Benitez Says:

    crayola dude: in that case, just send me the pretzels. :(

    kyknoord: it did. But we’re all out of tequila now.

  8. dolceii Says:

    Are there really still mail boxes? Can you still post stuff? Cool!

  9. Parenthesis Says:

    I’m with dolceii on this one ;) what a quaint idea. I could contribute a cactus if you’d like. Does home grown count?

  10. Mrs. Benitez Says:

    dolceii: that depends. How well do you know the Unabomber?


    Spike: cover your ears, dear. I’m sure she didn’t mean it.

  11. crayola dude Says:

    Sid should put earmuffs on too…

  12. Mrs. Benitez Says:

    Ooer, I meant Sid. :(

    That’s another year of therapy, right there. Poor dear.

  13. Parenthesis Says:

    It’s ok Mrs B, Sid is tougher than he looks – a couple million years of evolution as a species will do that for you. He said to ask whether he could interest you in the Protea bush that shares his shelf space and that currently hogs all the sunlight instead?

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  15. Mrs. Benitez Says:

    Sid: Don’t be so blooming anti-social. Proteas have feelings too, bud.

  16. Parenthesis Says:

    Sid and the Bonsai trees have discussed it with the groupies and they all agree: the Protea bush has got to go. It’s all a matter of principle. The Protea bursts forth in flower far too often for their liking. Cacti build up to it over years,you know, and this willy nilly exhibitionism, at the drop of every watering can doesn’t sit well with them ;)

  17. […] Kyknoord and that Crayola Dude for allowing me to Go Postal on their asses as part of the ongoing Pay It Forward Exchange. Expect some Benitez loveliness in the new year, […]

  18. […] “Eat up, Champ”, encouraged Nanny Swedbourg, […]

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