The Final Cut.

August 17, 2007

“Splendid news”, announced Edgar glumly,

“I’ve been cast as the Headless Horseman in our

end-of-term play. “Marvellous“, cooed Mother,

patting down his cowlick, “Father oiled

his guillotine just this morning.”



48 Responses to “The Final Cut.”

  1. infini Says:

    there’s nothing like dedication to your art in order to satisfy your demanding muse

  2. kyknoord Says:

    The audition must have had some tense moments.

  3. kyknoord Says:

    Although on the plus side, at least now Edgar will be the head boy.

  4. Parenthesis Says:

    Oh no Kyk, so punny :)

  5. Parenthesis Says:

    Mrs B: the cutting edge of theatre, eh? I’d love to see what you’d do with a live stage production of “The King and I” :)

  6. Mrs. Benitez Says:

    infini: ‘demanding’ doesn’t even begin to describe the pair of them…

    kyknoord: it’s not much of a speaking role though, is it?

    Parenthesis: I was thinking more along the lines of “Yorick: the Early Years”

  7. infini Says:

    alas poor Yorick, we knew him well, still Edgar’s a rum old chap and shall do splendidly in the role

    chin up Mrs B.. the guillotine is already well oiled

  8. ekke Says:

    It’s nice having a Thespian in the family.

    Better than a Capricorn, at least…

  9. infini Says:

    Aries Rules!

  10. ekke Says:

    Yes. Yes we do. :)

  11. Mrs. Benitez Says:

    infini: at least I still have a chin. Poor dear.

    ekke: well, only two-thirds a Thespian, technically speaking.

    infini: Is that like Aussie Rules? Are we back to sport again?

    ekke: Ram, bam, thank ewe, ma’am!

  12. Parenthesis Says:

    Sheep do rule down under apparently yes. You a fan of Oz Mrs. B?

  13. Mrs. Benitez Says:

    I was referring to the incomprehensible and endlessly amusing pastime known as Australian (Aussie) Rules Football, dear – but yes, I guess it’s fair to say that I don’t mind that Ozzy Osbourne fellow.

  14. infini Says:

    seems “off with his head” now takes on surreal undertones – ta, mrs B, this week’s special has been hereby voted one of your very best

  15. infini Says:

    ekke: woo hoo! nothing like two of ’em

  16. Mrs. Benitez Says:

    infini: no, thank you. (Your cheque’s in the mail.)

    ekke: woo hoo! Don’t I Noah it.

  17. infini Says:

    *speechless with awe at this masterful demonstration of Mrs B.’s textual prowess*

  18. Mrs. Benitez Says:

    Damn. *pats pockets* Will you take MasterCard?

  19. infini Says:

    meh, just flip me a coin, its all gratis and my pleasure

  20. Mrs. Benitez Says:

    In that case, I call ‘heads’… :)

  21. infini Says:

    darn! I always get the tail… ;p

  22. Mrs. Benitez Says:

    Hey, I can think of a couple of people around here who’d love a little tail.

  23. infini Says:

    well they do say great minds think alike, mrs B! snickers

  24. Mrs. Benitez Says:

    Then you probably already know what I think about that.

  25. infini Says:

    er… you like Snickers? *wide eyed innocent look*

  26. Mrs. Benitez Says:

    *cue Twilight Zone theme* whoo0oh, that’s just… uncanny!

  27. infini Says:

    Uncanny is my middle name ;p

  28. Parenthesis Says:

    infini: strange. I would have thought with that non de plume you’d have no beginning or end, let alone a middle ;)

  29. infini Says:

    parenthesis: Uncanny innit? ;p

  30. Mrs. Benitez Says:

    infini: see, I knew you were going to say that.

    Parenthesis: you might as well be describing the annoying little document I’ve (allegedly) been slaving over, dear.

    Whoo0oh, that’s just… oh, bollocks.

    infini: it’s like deja vu. All over again.

  31. infini Says:

    allegedly snark

  32. infini Says:

    Mrs B: of course its like deja vu all over again, its one infinite loop

  33. Mrs. Benitez Says:

    infini: see, I knew you were going to say that.

  34. infini Says:

    the other half of infinity is omnipotence, so sayeth the sages from the ancient days

  35. infini Says:

    muhahahaha and you missed the apple reference

  36. Mrs. Benitez Says:

    That I did, dear.

    And didn’t Aristotle (*sings* “Aristotle, Aristotle was a bugger for the bottle…“) say that everything infinite is imperfect? Which possibly explains why I am neither. :)

  37. infini Says:

    subtle but pointed *ouch*

    btw, one of my favourite drinking songs that, not the nine o clock news if memory serves me correctly

  38. Mrs. Benitez Says:

    There, there – have a pretzel.

    Mine too – in fact, it’s etched so deeply into my liver that I recall every word. Except maybe for the verse that goes:*mumble, mumble, mumble…* crate of whisky… *mumble, mumble.* Ahhh, Primary School.

    (Close: Monty Python. Here, have two pretzels.)

  39. infini Says:

    yeah, mumble mumble was a jolly old soul and jolly old soul was he, immanuel kant maybe?

    erk, pass me another pretzel

  40. Mrs. Benitez Says:

    “Iiiiimmanuel Kant was a real pissant
    who was very rarely stable.

    Heidegger, Heirdegger was a boozy beggar
    who could think you under the table…”

    Don’t make me continue.

    It’s for your own good.

  41. infini Says:

    *sigh* when have I ever done anything even when knowing its for my own good?

    continue!!! pass me a pretzel!!! pour me another one!!!

  42. Parenthesis Says:

    Heidegger could think you under the table eh? Dangerous, that :)

  43. Mrs. Benitez Says:

    That’s nothing:

    “David Hume could out-consume
    Schopenhauer and Hegel.
    And Wittgenstein was a boozy swine
    Who was just as shloshed as Schlegel.

    There’s nothing Nietzsche couldn’t teach ya
    ’bout the raising of the wrist.
    Socrates himself was permanently pissed.

    John Stuart Mill, of his own free will,
    on half a pint of shandy was particularly ill

    *Mumble, mumble, something. mumble*
    Half a crate of whisky every day.

    Aristotle, Aristotle was a bugger for the bottle,
    Hobbes was fond of his dram,

    And Rene Descartes was a drunken fart.
    “I drink, therefore I am”.

    Socrates himself is particularly missed.
    A lovely little thinker, but a bugger when he’s pissed.”

  44. Mrs. Benitez Says:

    (Let’s drink a toast to my expensive education.)

  45. infini Says:

    Amen to that

    *raises toast*

    and mine! ain’t it grand the stuff we do remember?

    {struggles over area of a triangle}

  46. Parenthesis Says:

    Etruscia it is not, and yet, and yet …

  47. Parenthesis Says:

    See what happens when you try to pretend you are better than your betters …

  48. Mrs. Benitez Says:

    infini: Skål!

    {careful, dear – that sounds painful}

    Parenthesis: what’s important is that you tried.

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